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How are you holding up? We’ve been experiencing unprecedented times indeed. After all, it isn’t every day the country goes into a nationwide lockdown. And let’s be honest, it certainly has its challenges.

One of our service providers, Global Choices and their mental wellness partner, The Talking Point are reaching out to pay it forward during these trying times. They are offering support and counselling services related to anxiety and stress free of charge to Iemas Insurance Brokers’ motor, household and personal possessions policy holders during the lockdown period. Since we have a good relationship with them, Global Choices is offering our members the opportunity to make use of the service.

What type of issues will they be dealing with?

  • Outbreak response and how to handle it.
  • The loss of income and the fear of being laid-off.
  • Fear and worry about your or your loved ones’ physical and mental health.
  • How parents and caregivers can deal with the COVID-19 calmly and confidently.
  • The effects of unhealthy eating, no exercise or sleeping habits and how this leads to irritability and ‘acting out’.
  • How to take a break from media coverage of COVID-19 and the alternatives.
  • The reasons why you should ask for help if you feel anxious, overwhelmed or concerned.

Call Global Choices on 0861 887 887 Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 21:00 during the lockdown period only. Their case managers will connect you with a qualified professional who will engage with empathy, guide, counsel and assist where necessary. 

Please do not hesitate to contact them if you need assistance with any of the above issues or concerns. And if you know of someone who will benefit from this, let them know as well, let’s all pay it forward.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay safe! We are all in this together.

All the best

The Iemas team

How to secure your family during a lockdown

during lockdown

It is essential to ensure that your family members are secured against the unexpected events of life that might happen at any given time. As we are currently dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic it is a very worrying time for everyone, with a lot of uncertainty about the future. However, no matter what life brings, you can still secure the things you love with a caring insurance partner by your side:  

Get your household content insured

Instead of cancelling your insurance to cut down on cost, rather get a better deal. If you cancel your insurance, you might just be financially worse off as you won’t be covered in the event of loss or damage. In addition, ‘taking a break’ from your insurance policy can result in higher premiums when you want to re-instate your policy again. As a broker, we can give you a variety of quotations to choose from. We will help you secure your essentials and ensure that your belongings remain secured during lockdown. Let us help you find the short term insurance that matches your needs and affordability. Speak to our consultants by dialling 0861 102 383 today or request a quote online.

Take the time to draft a valid Will

Life as we knew it was busy; we had people to see and places to go to. But now that we are locked down, we can slow down and make time for the things that will dictate our future and the future of those we love. It is important to decide what will happen when you pass on and what will happen if you are ill and unable to make decisions for yourself. Your last Will and Testament is a document that designates what will happen with your property, guardianship of your children, and appoints an executor who will take care of your estate. Make sure that everything in your life is organised so that your loved ones are well taken care of. In partnership with Capital Legacy, Iemas offers a service called covid19 Gold LLP – a Capital Legacy consultant will do a telephonic consultation with you regarding your Will. Find out more by calling us on 0861 102 383 to secure your family.

Don’t wait till it is too late

Not having enough funds for a burial could double the grief and add more stress to your loved ones. At Iemas Insurance Brokers, we are always committed to working well with our clients to find relevant solutions for their needs. Our funeral cover offers a single policy for you and your spouse, children, parents and extended family and maximum cover up to R 100 000.

We can also cover up to R 50 000 for parents and a maximum of 8 children. Learn more here. Instead of visiting our branches or offices, we advise all our clients to call us on 0860 102 383 .