Long weekend safety tips: How to stay safe while still having fun in the sun.

Long weekend safety tips

We all deserve a good break, but not at the cost of our health and safety. As we look forward to the upcoming long weekends, we share a few tips to keep you safe and healthy:

Home Safety Tips:

  • Inform your security company that you will be going away so that they can keep an eye on your house;
  • Before you leave your house, make sure that all the windows and doors are closed and locked-up.
  • Install a timer to switch lights on and off while you are away;
  • Unplug all unnecessary appliances such as the TV and kitchen appliances, as well as switching off the geyser;
  • If possible, ask someone you trust to come to your house while you are away so that there can be movement in and around the house;
  • If you have done renovations in your house or bought new items, it is always important to inform your insurer and update your cover
  • Ensure that your home content insurance is always up to date so that when you have to claim all your items are covered;

Vehicle Safety Tips:

  • Ensure that your car is completely roadworthy. Check the tyres, brakes and windscreen wipers;
  • Make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car, this will include: jumper cables, foldable reflective triangle, tow rope, emergency window hammer with seatbelt cutter and a basic first aid kit;
  • Make sure you have all the required tools for changing a tyre;
  • Get any window chips and cracks repaired before travelling;
  • When travelling long distances, have a second driver to assist with the drive time.
  • Make sure you have Insurance assist with Iemas STI, to assist you during an emergency on the road.

Health Tips:

  • Keep spare masks and hand sanitizer in your car and luggage;
  • Make sure that when you dine out, the table, menu, cutlery and condiments are sanitized;
  • When you shop, sanitize all items that you bought and keep a safe social distance at all times;
  • Make sure that your holiday accommodation is sanitized and cleaned regularly.

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