Holiday safety is more than just locking up and being vigilant

Holiday safety

It is no secret that the holiday period presents an opportunity for criminals to take advantage of holiday goers. According to the South African crime statistics for 2020 released by Stats SA and the South African Police service, a total of 18 162 car-jackings and 205 959 burglaries at residential premises were reported last year.

How can you protect yourself against theft?

Lize Badenhorst, General Manager: Short-Term Insurance at Iemas Insurance Brokers states: “Unfortunately you cannot do much about criminal activity. However, you can protect your possessions. Even if you have an alarm, beams and cameras to protect your home, criminals can still find a way to de-activate these security systems. What also happens is that they follow you home and carjack you just as you arrive at your property – no security system can protect you from that. If you happens to suffer such an incident, then at least all will not be lost if your short-term insurance is in place and up to date”.

How can you adequately secure your possessions?

Having insurance is as important as having medical aid – especially when it comes to protecting your home over the holiday period. However, very few people understand what comprehensive insurance means, which often leads to confusion and frustration when it is time to claim. “It is important to understand what exactly you are covered for and what other options are available to you. There are insurance products available that provides insurance against holiday scams and money lost through holiday scams.” says Badenhorst.

Which items do you have to include in your home contents insurance policy?

All the items that would fall out if you had to turn your house upside down, are the items that needs to be covered under your household contents insurance policy – and then at the current replacement value. So, if you only include certain items in your policy, neglect to update the value of the items in your policy to reflect their current value, or forget to add new items you purchased since taking out the policy, then your insurer might not pay out the amount you need to replace all your items. “There are also certain items that needs to be specified in your policy such as cellphones, jewelry, laptops and tablets. However, your broker can advise you which items needs to be specified” says Badenhorst.

What about insuring your family?

If something happens to you, your family will not only suffer emotionally but also financially if you did not plan and provide for them. “People often neglect to cover their family. If you do not have a Will in place, the government will become your executor and if you do not have life or funeral cover, your family will have to find their own means to carry on. This is very difficult, especially in circumstances where there are children involved” advise Charles Makondo, National Sales Manager: Life Mass Market at Iemas Insurance Brokers.

“This upcoming long weekend provides for a very exciting break for everyone, even if you stay at home. Just make sure that the things and people you love are covered against any event” concludes Makondo.