Secure your most important asset – your workforce

Secure your most important asset – your workforce

Iemas Insurance Brokers, authorised financial service provider (FSP 47563) and wholly owned subsidiary of iMasFinance, now offers 24-hour cover against injuries not covered by COIDA.

An organisation can only exist and grow if it has a strong workforce – supporting and developing the business no matter the challenges it faces on a daily basis. However, accidents happen and to ensure the continuation of day-to-day business and to secure a healthy and safe workforce (with minimal down time), an organisation needs all the help and support it can get,

To secure your business, Iemas Insurance Brokers has introduced a new product that covers injuries not covered by CODIA and offers against the following:


  • Acts as a top-up cover of the COID benefit for those that earn above the COID maximum payment limit (R 30, 236).
  • Provides augmented compensation for work-related disablement for death or disease.
  • Benefits enhancements to a maximum of R 7,5 million for employees earning above the COID limit.

Crime and Injury Commuter Journey

  • Provides cover in the event of death or disability due to an accident or crime while traveling between home and work.


  • Covers employees for death or disability while commuting as a non-professional driver, passenger or pedestrian.
  • Provides stand-alone protection beyond the RAF.

COID International

  • Covers employees seconded outside of South Africa for longer than 12 months.

Riot and Strike

  • Provides employees with cover for injuries or death arising from riots, strikes, factional fights or similar disturbances.

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