Road Cover can help you when you need to claim

ROADCOVER takes the difficulty out of processing a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ROADCOVER ensures that victims of motor vehicle accidents have immediate access to an effective RAF claims management system at NO costs to themselves.

What is the Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

It is a government entity aimed at making compensation payments to people injured, or to the dependants of people killed in road accidents, as a result of third party negligence

Who can claim from the Road Accident fund?

  • A person who was personally injured (except a driver who was the sole cause of the accident)
  • The dependant of a deceased victim
  • A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses

What can Iemas short-term insurance members claim for from the Road Accident Fund?

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of earnings or income
  • Loss of support for a dependant of a deceased victim (breadwinner, past and future)
  • General damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement.

How will RoadCover help you?

For the duration of the claim you receive the following at absolutely no cost to yourself:

  • Full Legal representation
  • Administration and claims management
  • Accident reconstruction
  • All required Medico-legal & Actuarial reports
  • All past and future loss of earnings & support reports
  • You will receive 100% of the payment made by the Road Accident Fund.

RoadCover takes care of the entire claims process from start to finish. This effectively halves the time it takes to process your settlement. The membership includes the main member, spouse and children under the age of 18, or 25 years if they are full-time students and not married, who reside in the same residence as the main member.

RoadCover is included in the Insurance Assist packages available to Iemas short-term insurance policyholders. For more information, kindly contact Iemas short-term Insurance on 0860 102 383.

Terms and conditions apply

Find out more about our funeral cover

In a previous blog article – “Iemas celebrating 80 years”, a member shared a short heart-warming message that resonated with many.

The message stated: “Forward ever backward never. You have been a father and a mother to me, a shoulder to cry on when life is hard. You buried my parents and I was proud, you made me a responsible man. Happy birthday and see many more for generations to come. Halala Iemas Halala. Motse Aaron Machona”

At the heart of Iemas’ co-operative model is the principle that professionalism and ethical conduct carries more weight than monetary value and where the focus is primarily on the member.

In the current economic climate, the cost of a funeral can far surpass the cover offered from one funeral policy. Many times, members and their families are faced with burying family members just months apart, resulting in members being financially crippled for many months.

“You buried my parents and I was proud” – Every member would like to give their loved ones a dignified funeral. With a policy such as the Iemas’ Comprehensive Funeral Cover, members can achieve this.

The plan provides the following:

  • Up to R100 000 cover for the main member and spouse
  • Up to R50 000 cover for up to four (4) parents and eight (8) children
  • Up to R30 000 cover for up to four (4) extended family members

That brings the total to 22 family and extended family members covered under one policy.

The plan also offers double accident cover for the main member and spouse of up to R200 000 for accidental death. Cover is immediate for accidental death.

The Iemas Comprehensive Funeral Cover is great for small or large families. However, if you require a different funeral policy, we will endeavour to find another product suitable for you.  Please contact Iemas Insurance Brokers on:

T: 0860 102 383 | SMS “Life” to 32297 (SMS costs R1).


Terms and Conditions apply. There is a six (6) months waiting period on all policies.

What is in a Life File? An easy to watch guide

Plan today to secure your tomorrow with a Life File.

What if something unforeseen happens to you today? Will your loved ones know where to find your important documents, Will and last wishes?

It is vitally important to 1) Put together a Life File and 2) Draw up or update your Will.

What is a Life File?
This is a file that consists of your important information and documentation that your family will require in the event of your death or disability.

What is included in a Life File?

  1. Completed and signed copy of your last Will
  2. Certified copy of nominated executor’s ID
  3. Certified copy of your ID
  4. Certified copy of your spouse’s ID
  5. Certified copy of your marriage certificate
  6. Certified copy of your children’s IDs
  7. Certified copy of divorce decree
  8. Certified copy of settlement agreement
  9. Certified copy of maintenance agreement
  10. Copy of your insurance policies and contracts – both short and long-term insurance
  11. Certified copy of your firearm license
  12. Certified copy of your driver’s license
  13. Copy of all your vehicle’s registration documents
  14. Copy of all your vehicle’s license receipts
  15. Copy of your municipal account/s
  16. Copy of your telephone, service provider or cellular accounts
  17. Copy of all fixed properties’ title deeds or information regarding where they can be found
  18. Copy of your lease or rental agreement
  19. List of investments and broker details
  20. List of all IOU’s in your favour
  21. List of all IOU’s that you owe your creditors (clothing or furniture accounts etc.)
  22. Your banking details
  23. List of where your cash allowances are held and certified copies of cash allowances certificates
  24. Particulars of your employer
  25. Particulars of your pension fund and/or group insurance
  26. Certified copy of your latest income tax assessment or e-Filling login details
  27. Copy of your funeral policy particulars

Speak to Iemas Insurance Brokers about your Will today. Call 0860 102 383 or visit for more information

The Will checklist. An easy to watch guide

What is a Will?
• A legal document in which a person sets out the way they wish their assets to be distributed after their death.
• If a person dies without a Will, it is referred to as an Intestate. The distribution of the estate will be managed by the state.

In order for your Will to be valid, your Will must;
1. Be in writing – either typed or handwritten
2. Contain your ID number
3. Be signed in the presence of at least two competent witnesses and the testator
4. Be signed on every page by the testator and witnesses
5. Be dated clearly
6. People who benefit from your Will cannot sign as witnesses

• Your Will must be updated regularly
• Beneficiaries on policy documents have to be updated when/if required
• Your Will takes precedence over any other documents or arrangements when you die

What is an Executor?
This is the person you trust and therefore appoint to administer your estate according to your wishes. He/she must be specified in your Will and also have access to your Life File.

Speak to Iemas Insurance Brokers about your Will today. Call 0860 102 383 or visit for more information

Insurance 360 to support you on your journey towards financial wellness

A financially well individual is a person who has a clear understanding of their current financial situation and has plans in place to prepare for future financial changes. Iemas Insurance Brokers’ view of holistic financial health is based on four pillars, namely: securing your future, securing your family, securing your belongings and securing your business.

According to the Automobile Association of South Africa, there are currently 11.4 million registered vehicles driving on South Africa’s roads, of which between 65% and 70% are uninsured. In addition, ReportBuyer found that more than 40% of South Africans do not have a formal life insurance policy.

“An individual might reason that they are saving by not paying a monthly insurance premium. However, if such an individual is involved in a car accident or, even worse, unexpectedly becomes disabled or passes away – their loved ones will suffer dire consequences” says Piet Wolmarans, Managing Director at Iemas Insurance Brokers.

Wolmarans goes on to say that “a lack of financial education remains one of the principal reasons as to why South Africans tend to disregard the importance of insurance, whether it be short or long-term insurance. As many South Africans do not receive any form of financial education at school or at home, the onus is on us as financial services providers to educate clients in understanding the value of financial wellness and to ensure they are familiar with the many affordable product offerings available to support them on their journey towards holistic financial wellness.”

Iemas Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of Iemas Financial Services. The company prides itself on providing a holistic 360° insurance portfolio which includes the four pillars of financial wellness, namely:

    • Securing your future with various savings and investments plans.
    • Securing your family with funeral, life and disability cover, education plans, wills and estate planning.
    • Securing your belongings with comprehensive short-term insurance solutions for vehicles, home content and buildings.
  • Securing your business, should you be a business owner, with various insurance cover options such as fleet insurance managements, professional indemnity, public and employers liability to only mention a few.

National Wills week, which happens every September, highlights the importance of taking care of one’s financial wellness, even for when you are no longer here. “As per the very famous Benjamin Franklin saying, the only certainty in life is taxes and death. Thus, plan today to secure your family’s future tomorrow! Contact your financial services provider to draw up or update your will and to ensure your estate planning is in order” concludes Wolmarans.

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